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A husband and wife photography team focusing on weddings and portraits. We live in Chino, CA and serve the entire Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego metropolitan areas.


Our personal blog where we document our daily lives with our family.

Blogging from an iPhone

Dez & Tam

Welcome to our Personal Blog!  We've been a little lacking in the personal photography department ever since we started doing it professionally.  This is our attempt to make things right, and to have a place for all our personal photography for everyone to enjoy.

For a while now we've been wanting to have the ability to blog from any location without a computer, whether it be a photoshoot, vacation, or a just being out-and-about.  This being a photo blog, we want great quality pictures shot from our DSLR's to be blogged, but we don't always carry around our Canon cameras, nor do we have laptops and an internet connection to do this.

Recently we found a way to accomplish this.  we picked up a used Sony NEX3 DSLR from craigslist for $350, and a couple adapters that lets us use Canon EOS and FD lenses with the body.  This small combination really changes things for us, and gives us little excuse to not carry a camera.  We also grabbed an Eye-Fi SD Card, which has a Wifi antenna built into it.  Through the use of the Eye-Fi iPhone app, we can wireless grab pictures directly off of the Sony NEX anywhere we are (no hotspot required).  We took these pictures this past weekend while at Disneyland and a church festival.  FYI, this blog is being posted directly from an iPhone ;-)



Stay tuned for many more updates to our Personal Blog!