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Family Fun in the Sun...and Snow

Dez & Tam

We followed my cousin's family up to Wrightwood, CA for some family time in the fresh snow that fell overnight.  We've never shot in the extreme cold, so we weren't even sure if our cameras would work properly.  Despite our fingers being completely numb, we were able to get some great shots.

If you ever want to take your family up here, this is a good place to check on snow conditions for Wrightwood Play Areas.  We monitored this site frequently to plan ahead.  I'd say the conditions on this shoot were PERFECT.

Joe and his youngest son Max trek up the sledding slope.  This slope clearly has been used before, as it is carved out perfectly for sledding.

Hard to tell here, but Evan is sledding pretty fast down the slope in this pic.

The snow was super powdery.  It looked good enough to eat with some snow cone syrup.  Mmmm.

Although they are teenagers the two eldest sons, Jonas and Brendan, seemed like they were little kids again.

Joe, father of four, but a big kid at heart.

Evan watching his dad sled down the slope.

Evan and Brendan making snow angels...

One of our goals was to build a snowman.  After a few attempts, we finally found a spot with harder packed snow.  Apparently powdery snow is difficult to use when building a snowman.

Father-Son moment...

We took some time to take some family portraits.  This was the best one, taken by Tammy.  We tried this at 15mm, 50mm, and 135mm.  The winner was clearly the 50mm portrait.

My favorite part of the whole session was the snowball fight.  I knew I wanted to freeze the action of the snowballs breaking apart upon impact.  Since the snow was so powdery, it tended to break up mid-air.  I think it ended up looking better than I imagined.

I chose Joe as the victim here.  He was a total trooper, even after multiple takes.  I think this was the best shot.


A big thanks to the other "Mendoza family" for being such great models for this shoot.  We totally can't wait to do another session in the snow.