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Tiffany, Sang, and Joshua - A Beautiful Day At Brookside Park

Dez & Tam

The beauty of living in Southern California is there are dozens of other cities all within an hour drive (depending on traffic). Although we live in Anaheim, we drove around LA and Pasadena to find a nice open area for this family to hang out and enjoy the sunny socal weather. We eventually stumbled upon Brookside Park in Pasadena, which just so happens to be the park that Kid Space Museum is located in. The park is gorgeous, and great for the little ones to run around. In fact we took our 3 year old son there the day before and he loved it.

When Tiffany, Sang, and Joshua arrived at the park I knew instantly we would have a great time photographing them. The whole family was full of charisma and energy, and little Joshua took a special liking to Tammy - as Sang put it, "He likes the ladies."

After sitting down, Joshua immediately went for all the dry leaves on the ground. The simplest things can fascinate the young ones.

After Joshua was finished with the leaves, he moved on to playing with daddy. I was literally saying "oh my god" every five seconds as we were photographing them interact with each other. You could really feel the love between all three of them.

Joshua was eating up the attention he was getting. When all three started doing the "owah owah owah" sound with their mouths and hands, I think I just melted inside. So cute!

 Don't you just want to pinch those cheekies?

Tiffany made it a point to have this picture taken. I think she had it in her head from the beginning, and I think it turned out perfect.

One of the things we knew we wanted was identical head shots from all three family members. I didn't expect Joshua to actually smile for us, but he did!

We finished off the session with a little stroll in the park. We were sad to end the session, as we were having SO much fun photographing the family. Fortunately they booked us to photograph Joshua's 1 year old birthday party. Those pics will follow shortly ;-)