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Our kind of Valentine's Day...

Dez & Tam

For a while now we've been playing around with the idea of a Valentine's Day picnic, but with our own little twist to it.  We had lots of ideas, but a few of the main things we knew we wanted were a home-made picnic table, In-N-Out burger, good beer, and chocolate.  I mentioned our idea to my sister Cherise, and she quickly volunteered herself to be a part of the picnic.  Although she is single, she was able to convince her good friend Reed to be her Valentine for this photoshoot.  Since we wanted to do this just for FUN, we said why not ;-)

We had about one week to prepare for the shoot, so we hit up our favorite store for picnic goodies - TARGET!  We aren't exactly the crafty type, but we do love to shop for items that fit our style.  We found almost everything we needed there, and managed to get our grocery shopping done too.  Among the things we grabbed were huge heart-shaped floor pillows, heart-shaped plates, and valentine's day candy of all types.  Almost everything on our picnic table was from Target.

We found a little patch of grass in Diamond Bar and setup our picnic for Reed and Cherise.  We thought it would be cool to wheel out some of the picnic items using a Radio Flyer Wagon.


We threw a piece of plywood on top of 4 empty paint cans, covered the plywood with white table cloth, and used that as our home-made picnic table.  It made for an awesome stage for the star of the picnic, In-N-Out!


We paired the burgers up with Samuel Smith's Organic Ale, and Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes for dessert.  Yup, Hostess FTW!


Valentine's Day would be incomplete without candy hearts.


The best Valentine's Day cards are the funny ones.  In fact, I think that applies to all greeting cards...


We heard that Reed played a little guitar, so we brought one for him to play.  Little did we know, he actually plays a "little guitar", by that we mean a Ukulele.  Reed is originally from Hawaii, so that explains it.  He was however still able to play a little song for us.


After the picnic we went for a little walk down a nearby trail that had a wonderful view of Diamond Bar.  I forgot to take a picture of the view, but trust me, it was beautiful ;-)


Thanks again to Cherise and Reed for helping us make this photoshoot happen!  We had a blast planning and shooting the whole thing. ;-)

- Desi