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A husband and wife photography team focusing on weddings and portraits. We live in Chino, CA and serve the entire Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego metropolitan areas.


Greg and Ally - just the two of us...

Dez & Tam

After we finished shooting the Crisci family session, Greg and Ally thought it would be cool to try taking some pictures together without baby Madison.  Although we weren't expecting this, we were totally open to the idea.  It gave us a great chance to see more of Poway Park anyway, so why not?  It turns out that the synergy they have together made things very fun and easy for us, and we honestly could have kept shooting if we had more time.  Here are some of our favorite pics of Greg and Ally.


The last picture is what you call a PHOTO BOMB, and we just HAD to share it with you.  Classic!

Thank You Greg and Ally!

-Desi and Tammy