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An Armenian Engagement Party - Elin and Sevada

Dez & Tam

When we were asked to photograph Elin and Sevada's engagement party, we were both excited and curious.  Elin informed us that it was going to be a traditional Armenian Engagement Party, which we've heard a little about but never have attended one.  We've been to other engagement parties, but none of them are like this.  We did a little googling and found that they are full of dancing, dancing, and more dancing.  It is basically a big mixer where both families are introduced for the first time. 

Elin's family is in charge of throwing the party and arrive early to prepare for Sevada's arrival, along with his entire family.  When Sevada's family arrives, they rush into the room with gifts in hand.  Everyone begins to dance and shower Elin with jewelry, all while still dancing.  It was a lot of fun experiencing this with them, and photographing it was a huge treat for us.  Our favorite part of any wedding is the dancing, and this engagement party was just like the tail end of a wedding but even more intense.

Congratulations on your engagement Elin and Sevada!