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A husband and wife photography team focusing on weddings and portraits. We live in Chino, CA and serve the entire Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego metropolitan areas.


Vicky and Franco - On Film

Dez & Tam

We've always shot with film for personal use, but we're preparing to transition some of our portrait work into film.  This is our first session with two people you might be familiar with.  We've shot Vicky and Franco before about 1.5 years ago.  You can see their other session here.

We recently purchased a Mamiya 645AFD medium format film camera.  We've been eying this camera for quite a while now, and we finally made the leap and bought one.  After getting our scans back from Pro Photo Connection in Irvine, we are seriously in LOVE.  Pro Photo did an amazing job of developing and scanning the film, and the camera paired with an 80mm 2.8 lens resolves some extremely sharp and vivid images.