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A husband and wife photography team focusing on weddings and portraits. We live in Chino, CA and serve the entire Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego metropolitan areas.


Jr and Ivy - Engagement Session In Laguna Beach

Dez & Tam

We love Jr and Ivy.  Not only because they are family, but because they are some of the sweetest and most easy-going people we've ever hung out with.  Jr is the son of my mother's brother, which makes him a cousin and Ivy a soon-to-be cousin.  I've known Jr since we were little kids, and seeing him getting married is such a trip, but photographing his engagement and wedding is a true honor.

We hung out with just the two of them for the first time in Laguna Beach for a few hours and had SO much fun exploring the area and making them pose for the camera.  When they told us "We don't know how to pose..." we assured them that they wouldn't need to pose.  It would all play out naturally and we will be ready to capture it.  After letting them chill and hang out for a bit, their true love for each other filled every frame.  I think we probably said "aww you guys are so cute!" several times throughout the day.  They really are!