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A Wedding Photobooth - Chevrons, iPads, and VSCO

Dez & Tam

We did our first ever wedding photobooth this week.  We've been working on it for a while and decided to improve on the basic photobooth idea with a few key features.

  1. Most other photobooth pictures are usually un-edited and straight out of the camera.  We wanted our booth pictures to have a special look, so all images are auto-magically applied with VSCO Film, all on the fly and within seconds.
  2. Replace prints with iPads = Instant Gratification and Eco Friendly.  We don't print pictures, but still want guests to see the images immediately.  We setup an iPad to display all EDITED pictures immediately within seconds.  We've been to many weddings, and most people end up losing or throwing away prints.  This is the age where people want digital copies, so all pictures are free to download online the same night.
  3. Use a high quality vinyl backdrop.  We found an amazing vendor who prints large custom vinyl backdrops with dozens of different designs.  Bubblegum Backdrops, based in Temecula, has tons of creative backdrops and are very responsive to custom orders on their Etsy Shop.  We love chevrons, so we ordered a grey 7ft x 8ft backdrop.  It arrived in less than 3 days!
  4. Custom signs made by Tammy.  Yes her handwriting is amazing and she loves to make these custom signs with a HUGE permanent marker.  As part of our booth package, she will make several custom signs for the event.

Our first ever run of our booth went without a hitch, and guests crowded around the iPad laughing at themselves over and over.  Here are just a few of our favs from the wedding.