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Adoption Celebration: Officially Welcoming Gabby and Alex

Dez & Tam

This post is very near and dear to my heart.  My good friend Robert and his wife Joanna have raised these two kids as their own for the past 2 years, all the while not knowing if they would eventually become their own or not.  This is the life of foster parents, and they are incredible individuals for taking on such a brave task of raising children that are not of their own blood.  When Robert told me the great news about the adoption finally being complete I KNEW we had to be there to celebrate and of course, to CAPTURE.

We had about 20 minutes before the party started, so we decided to pull Robert, Joana, Gabby, and Alex aside to do a mini family session.  Just looking at these pictures, it really feels like they were all meant to find each other.  They are a FAMILY.

You will see multiple birthday cakes below, each representing a birthday missed.  Now they are all caught up ;-)

There are a lot of kids in America that are looking to be adopted.  Robert and Joanna opened their hearts and their home and are so deserving of this.  Congratulations to the four of you!