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Knott's Scary Farm - 40th Anniversary VIP Party

Dez & Tam

We were recently invited to attend the 40th Anniversary VIP Party for Knott's Scary Farm.  Various social media personalities and bloggers were invited to help promote the scariest and most frightening event...KNOTT'S SCARY FARM...otherwise known as Knott's Halloween Haunt.  We attended the Knott's Photowalk several months ago and actually won the photo competition (blog post here)!  So naturally we were psyched to be invited back to the park for their Halloween Haunt event.  Thanks to the GigaSavvy team for inviting us back!

We started the night with a yummy dinner at the Knott's Berry Farm Hotel where we met up with all the other attendees.  There were monsters lurking around the tables, and one goblin grew very fond of Tammy as you can see here.

That's Jill Parkin of Sandy Toes and Popsicles!  She sat at our table and was completely terrified of the monsters.  She was super brave for trying the new interactive maze called Trapped.  Any maze where you must sign a waiver first is a red flag for many, but Jill won a free pass to the maze and went through it like a champ.  We tip our cameras to you! ;-)

Tammy was a little edgey from the goblin that tormeted her at our table so she decided to loosen up a bit....

Liquid courage....

Apparently a lot of the attendees had the same idea...

Ready for some scary images?  Here we go!

We joined forces with Michelle Carillo from The Suitcase Studio, and her best friend Michelle.  We were so glad to have them as our buddies for the night.  Not sure how far we would have gotten into the park without them.  We love you guys!

Innocent bystanders who don't realize what is behind them.....

That's me!

This clown snuck up behind Tammy.  She had no idea until we started taking pictures.  LOL!

Tammy found a new friend!

At the 96.3FM booth, people were dancing to Psy's Gangnam Style.  Hilarious, especially when the clowns started getting in on the action.

Michelle got a little close to one of the clowns...

Found what we were looking for!

Funnel Cake!

Randomly found a clown pushing an old lady's wheelchair.  How sweet huh?

The Dia De Los Muertos maze.  Beautiful and scary at the same time.

The BEST maze in the place had to be Virus Z featuring Carrie.  The zombies were so real and the sets inside felt very eerie.  A BBQ restaurant, a school, a movie theater...all filled with zombies!

This zombie jumped into our line and followed Michelle throughout half of the maze!  Super creepy!

At the end, we are met by Carrie who points us to the corner of the room.  You go in and are unable to find an exit.  Turns out Carrie is pointing at the exit, but you have to walk right by her to get there....

Once you are close enough, she screams into your face!

This maze was pretty much a meat locker...gross!

It has been almonst TEN YEARS since we returned to Knott's Scary Farm.  We have to admit we were a little apprehensive about coming, but we are so glad we did.  Thanks to Michelle and Michelle for joining us, and to Knott's Berry Farm for putting together a super scary event.  With as much attention to detail they have with the park year-round, their Halloween event is no exception.