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Stephanie and Garick - Married at Wuksachi Lodge (Sequoia National Park)

Dez & Tam

Last month we drove up to Sequoia National Park for Stephanie and Garick's wedding.  It took place at the Wuksachi Lodge, a beautiful stone-and-cedar mountain lodge that is right smack in the middle of the park.  This was our first time in Sequoia, so naturally we were blown away at the picturesque views and breathtaking scenery during our drive up to the lodge.  Right before we arrived, it actually started to snow!

The funny thing is, this was the first snow of the season.  It wasn't officially winter yet either, but Stephanie and Garick planned this wedding months in advance in hopes for a snowy wedding.  A couple weeks before the wedding, it didn't seem like their dream was going to come true.  However temperatures started to drop, and a few days before the wedding there was snow in the forecast.  Not only was Stephanie ecstatic, but we were super thrilled to get to shoot in the snow once again.

This wedding was super small (roughly 20 guests total), and Stephanie and Garick are a quirky couple that favor intimate moments with their guests over the traditional wedding celebration.  So guests were treated with arts and crafts instead of dancing, amazing food served by the Wuksachi culinary team, and just a chance for everyone to talk and have fun.  They not only hired us as their photographers, but they allowed us to become a part of their very special group of friends.  We thank them for inviting us to their special day, and for allowing us to capture these moments for them.  Stephanie and Garick, we love you guys!

Rarely, if ever, do our clients ask us to be in the picture with them.  Stephanie and Garick insisted from the beginning that we were guests and should be in pictures with them.  So after we took pics of family and friends, we had a guest take the picture below.  We were deeply honored to be photographed with them.