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A husband and wife photography team focusing on weddings and portraits. We live in Chino, CA and serve the entire Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego metropolitan areas.


The Hsu Family - Together At Home

Dez & Tam

Family sessions are our favorite. I'm sure we've said that before, but they really are, especially when it's a new family. The Hsu family are good friends of ours, and we are always honored to be asked to photograph our friends. Little Kayla is pure cuteness and she opened up to us after only a few minutes of hanging out and playing in her room. Sessions in the home are probably the most intimate and special kind, since everyone really feels comfortable in their own home and things just flow like water. We really just hang out, talk, laugh, play, and sneak in pictures from time to time. It's really easy to observe the love between everyone and to just do your best to capture that into pictures. Hopefully you can see what we mean by looking through them.