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Palm Springs Creative Retreat. Cactus, Crafts, Cocktails.

Dez & Tam

I was invited to join some ladies for a creative weekend away in fabulous Palm Springs. Lauren of A Fabulous Fete came up with this amazing idea of having a creative retreat with some friends to get our inspiration on. We stayed at The Saguaro, which was the most colorful hotel I have ever seen, and I loved everything about it. We started with some crafting, cutting out pages and pictures from magazines for inspiration, and cocktails of course! 


We went to Tinto for dinner, had some awesome tapas, and the best sangria everrrrr.


The next morning we set out to go to The Party Lab, the best party supply store I have ever been to. We got there and it was closed! But the nice people who were working inside saw us and decided to let us in since we were only in town for that day. Awesome, right?! We had the entire store all to ourselves! Fun!


How cute is Jill Parkin of Popsicle Blog and Rockin' Boys Club? Too cute :)


After The Party Lab we went across the street to Angel View thrift store for some shopping. But not before we got some shots of Sharon from Cupcakes & Cutlery. I really really love her. 


So, this was my first time in a thrift store (yeah, I know). I was so intrigued with everything, especially all the books! I wish I could give all those books a home! I got a stack of books for our boys for like a dollar each and I got a pair of barely worn Steve Maddens for $6! I really love how everything in the store must have been once loved before, I wish I knew the story behind each thing. But then I'd probably buy everything and become a hoarder.

After all the shopping and the heat (it was over 100 degrees) we set out to Viceroy for lunch. It was like eating some bomb shrimp tacos in a dream Pinterest home. I didn't want to leave!


After lunch we lounged at the pool for awhile and then got ready for dinner at Workshop Kitchen + Bar where we ordered a magical bowl of punch that I still dream about. Everyone must go here and order this punch! The food was amazing too of course. The walk way into Workshop Kitchen + Bar was a perfect place to get some pictures and the time of day gave for some great lighting (and wind in hair).




Sharon + Carole 


Kristin (my favorite baker) from Meringue Bake Shop.


Oh look, it's me. Sharon took my camera and told me I needed to have my picture taken. I can't say no to Sharon so I reluctantly let her take my picture. But in the end I was happy to see myself while scrolling through my thanks Sharon!


When dinner was done and the magical punch was all gone, we went back to the hotel bar, El Jefe, for some more cocktails. There may have been some shenanigans that went on but I didn't have my camera on hand, all for the better though. I did however find this in the morning and yes, I was the only one wearing red lipstick so we'll say it was me who kissed the glass door. 

This trip to Palm Springs had a lot of firsts for me and it was a lot for me to step out of my bubble and just go. It was my first time leaving Desi and the boys. My first girls only trip ever. First time in Palm Springs (and I totally loved it). My first time sharing a bed with someone (other than Desi of course). My first time wearing a sleeveless shirt (hey, it was a big deal for me). First time in a thrift store. And the big first time using a glue gun (yeah, I know). I had such a great time in Palm Springs and discovered new things about myself and got to know the other girls better, which in my opinion was the best part. I am super proud of myself for going and I encourage everyone to take some time away for yourself. I came back feeling refreshed and replenished. Big Thank you Lauren and Sharon for putting it together. And for Kristin, Carole, and Jill for the awesome company. If you're interested, and I know you are, you can see everyone's Instagrams from our trip here. I can't wait to go back to Palm Springs but mostly, I seriously can't wait for our next retreat :)