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Knott's Scary Farm - A Yearly Tradition

Dez & Tam

Throughout the year, Knott's Berry Farm is already one of the best theme parks in California, but during October it transforms into a world class theme park.  Over 10 years ago when Tammy and I were still dating, Knott's Scary Farm was THE thing to do in October.  Everyone knew that you HAD to go to Knott's Scary Farm at least once.  We went almost every year until we eventually got married and had kids.  

Last year we had a chance to go back to Knott's Scary Farm, and wow were we glad to be back!  It was exactly as we remembered, but even scarier.  Since we became photographers three years ago, our "vision" has changed.  By that, I mean that we see things differently now.  We notice the tremendous attention to detail that goes into Knott's Scary Farm and just love how all the scarers are committed to their craft.

Each maze makes you feel like you are dropped in the middle of a horror movie, down to every last detail.  Our favorite by far was the Virus Z maze featuring Carrie.  The entire maze is a school completely run down by zombies, who by the way will chase you throughout the maze.  VERY SCARY!

Each year the park tries to top itself and create something new and fresh.  Last year it was the interactive maze called Trapped where you are forced to participate and the maze is catered specifically to your fears.  This year, they have Mirror Mirror - a maze full of mirrors where you can actually get lost, and finding you way out can be an ordeal.  They are also introducing the Skeleton Key, which when purchased can unlock new rooms in specific mazes.

We are planning on going again this year, and fully intend to experience the new attractions.  Like last year, we will be putting up a detailed blog post about our night like we did here.  Below are just a few pics from last year.