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Palm Springs Wedding - Charles Farrell Compound - Joy and Joey


Palm Springs Wedding - Charles Farrell Compound - Joy and Joey

Dez & Tam

There's definitely is something very unique and charming about Palm Springs that we can't quite put our finger on. When someone asks the question "what's so great about Palm Springs?" we know that whatever we say won't really answer the question. The funny thing is, it used to be us asking that question. You really just have to go there to see for yourself.

When we met Joy and Joey, we knew right away that they were going to be a blast to hang out with. Then when they said they were going to have their wedding in Palm Springs we were ecstatic. We've always wanted to shoot a wedding there! Then we found out that it was at the Charles Farrell Compound, which is GORGEOUS! Just seeing pictures of this place made us giddy.

When looking through these pictures, we really got a sense of just how happy Joy and Joey were to be married. They, along with all their friends and family, were literally like kids on Christmas Day. It really was the best day ever. You might remember us hanging out with Joy and Joey in Echo Park a few months ago where we shot their engagement photos. You can see that session here