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Oahu Family Session - Iwata Family in Ko'Olina


Oahu Family Session - Iwata Family in Ko'Olina

Dez and Tam Photography

A couple months ago we were out in Oahu and met up with the Iwata family for a family session in Ko'Olina. They told us they've never had their photos taken before, so immediately they reminded us of our first photo session when our son turned 1. We remember how nervous we were, but our photographer and friend Connie made us feel so comfortable and captured some moments that we cherish to this day. Those moments are what made us start doing photography, and so you can imagine our excitement when we found an opportunity to photograph the Iwata family in Ko'Olina. We met up with them in the lagoons, and talked for a while before actually shooting anything. We wanted to learn more about them before jumping into any picture-taking, and hopefully get them to feel more comfortable around us since this was their first time meeting us. Since they were locals, we tried our best to pick their brains about the best places to eat (that night we had Poke Pizza down the street, which was unfrigginbelievable!). We spent a few hours talking about kids, food, and life and before we knew it, the session was already over and we had somehow taken a ton of photos in the process. We only know this because we have these photos below ;-)