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A Trip To Our Local Pumpkin Patch

Dez & Tam

A few days ago we took the boys to our local pumpkin patch.  Indy is only 3 weeks old, but his doctor said we could finally take him out to public places.  We thought this would be a great chance to go somewhere as a family for the first time.  My sister Cherise also came along to help pick a pumpkin out and later help carve it.  A post on carving the pumpkin to follow soon!

I decided to take the Yashica Electro 35 out for a spin, as I got it recently from Ebay for a mere $60 in excellent condition.  I picked up some cheap Fuji Superia 200 film at the local Walmart, which I hear gives excellent results when over exposed by 1-2 stops.  Since there wasn't much time to send off the film to a professional photo lab like RPL or Indie Film Lab, I opted for our Costco in Fullerton.  Man am I pleased with the results!

I also used my new iPhone 4S for the last two photos below.  The new camera on it is AMAZING...see for yourself ;-)