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The Naked And Famous @ The Observatory, Santa Ana

Dez & Tam

Yesterday we went to The Observatory in Santa Ana to see The Naked And Famous.  We're actually huge fans of the first opening band Now Now, but we are also fans of TNAF's music so we were ecstatic to have both perform in the same show.  I wanted to bring a DSLR into the venue, and from past experiences most do not allow the use of them unless you have a press pass.  Oddly enough, venue's usually allow point-and-shoot cameras.  This was a perfect opportunity to bring my Sony NEX3 coupled with the Fotasy 35mm f1.7 lens.  This is what it looks like:

Pretty small huh?  And amazingly enough it has the same sensor size as a Canon 60D or a Nikon D7000, but in a tiny package.  This combo is extremely lightweight and will not attract attention, as security let us in without issue.

We got pretty close in on the mid level left side, which was the perfect point of view for a wide array of shots all standing in one spot.  I processed the below images with VSCO using various film stock presets.  I just LOVE the way film looks, and VSCO does an amazing job emulating film.

The first band was Now Now, who we originally came for in the first place.  Their set was short but sweet.

The second band, Vacationer, was a unknown to us.  But when they came out I immediately recognized the lead singer.  It was Kenny Vasoli from The Starting Line.  We've been huge huge fans of theirs, and have seen them perform as well.  We had no idea Kenny had a side project.  Their music is a big departure from The Starting Line, as it is tropical and dancy.  We enjoyed them and look forward to their first album!

We waited a while for The Naked And Famous to come out, but they finally did...

The light show for their set was spectaculor and made the whole thing a very special experience.  Here is Thom Powers doing his thing...

Alisa was often in the shadows despite her being a main vocalist, but watching her perform was awesome.  She is pretty much in her own world when she sings...


A big thanks to all three bands and The Observatory.  Loved the venue.  Loved the bands.  A great night out for us.