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Making PushCakes with Meringue Bake Shop

Dez & Tam

This past weekend we had a chance to help out our friends Kristin and Lyle from Meringue Bake Shop with a large PushCake order.  We don't have much experience with baking, so we helped with the assembling of the PushCakes, while Lyle and Kristin provided the materials.  Also helping out were Steph from Hearts and Laserbeams and Michelle from Life With Dylan.  We were huge fans of their Push Cakes even before we became friends with Kristin and Lyle, and getting to actually make them was a huge treat for us.  The highlight of the day was definitely using left over cake and buttercream to make our own "snacks" ;-)

In the following picture, we decided to use the leftovers to make our own variation of the PushCake.  It wasn't pretty, but still was delicious!