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The Polaroid Reporter - A lightweight instant film camera

Dez & Tam

I've always been very curious about the older Polaroid cameras that use the older type instant film called packfilm.  As opposed to the instant film that automatically pops out after taking a picture (known as integral film), this is a little different and the pictures have to be yanked out of the camera through the side.  You have to then peel apart the picture after 2 minutes to reveal the print.  I recently won this Polaroid Reporter from eBay for only $35.  There are dozens of different Polaroid Land camera models that look similar, but this one is among the lightest and uses AA batteries.

It arrived in the mail on Saturday, conveniently one hour before we were planning on leaving the house to head to Disneyland.  I already purchased a five-pack of Fuji FP100C film from Amazon, which I hear has really great color rendition and contrast.  From the looks of it, what I heard was true.  The results are amazing.  After seeing the print just a few minutes from taking the picture, I was HOOKED.  I definitely will be carrying this camera around with me due to it's light weight and great output.