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One Year Ago - Camp Spooky at Knott's Berry Farm

Dez & Tam

So I stumbled on some old photos that I totally forgot to process taken 1 year ago at Knott's Berry Farm during their Camp Spooky event. Kids are allowed to wear their favorite costume to go trick-or-treating, go on scavenger hunts, and go on all the rides. The event is geared towards ages 3-11, and what's great is it happens in the daytime. If you have kids, you'll appreciate the opportunity to navigate the theme park in daylight and not have to worry about losing your kids in the large crowds and in the darkness. Knott's is one of the only California theme parks that offers this, and it's a must during Halloween time. Riley had a lot of fun, and we're planning on going again this year. Indy was too small for a constume last year, but we are definitely going to find him a costume this year. Any ideas? ;-)

While we were there we ran into our good friend Sharon from Cupcakes and Cutlery. She's a huge Knott's fan, and we were super excited to let our kids all play together while in the park. Here she is photobombing my picture of Riley on the rollercoaster...Hahahaha.


Her boys are friggin adorable.